The Results Map Experience

Evergreen, Colorado 2020



The Strategic Biz Growth Program & Retreat includes:

3-day, 5-star, all-inclusive retreat in Evergreen, Colorado

10 DIY webinars with downloadable exercises from 7 experts

Mastermind Day at the Kimberly Alexander Inc. offices in Denver

Training from 7 Experts to transform your biz


Your Purpose. Your Plan. Your Possibilities.

Are you ready to build a serious biz and grow bigger than you could ever imagine? The Results Map Experience Retreats are for the serious Entrepreneur ready for MORE.


You will leave with a clear purpose, strategic plan and belief to take your biz and life to another level.


The Results Map Experience is a 5-star, all-inclusive retreat for the Entrepreneur ready to grow big in biz and life, and open up to new possibilities and greatness… but the missing piece is a map on how to do it!


Based on the best-selling book series The Results Map, the retreats will launch your journey to:

  • Knock down those walls: First, gain clear perspective on what is holding you back and what WILL move you forward. Strengthen or revise your purpose, niche and foundational platform
  • Uber strategic: Build a strategy to implement the minute you get home and to grow BIG. Clear out the clutter to focus on the right things your biz needs to REALLY moves mountains
  • Results...yes please!: Get the process and systems to take action and get the results you dream of…and deserve!


Is The Results Map Experience for YOU?

  • Are you launching a new program?
  • Has your biz gone flat or stagnant?
  • You know there is MORE but can't determine what it is?
  • Taken yourself as far as you can go?
  • Want the secret sauce to GO BIG?
  • Do you crave clarity and want to own your purpose?
  • Are you ready to define your direction?
  • Are you ready to squash fear and leverage your past?
  • Do you understand how to best serve?
  • Do you need a defined strategy?
  • Do you Just. Need. The. Plan?
  • If you answered “YES” to even 1 question above, this is for YOU!

The 5-star, all-inclusive Growth Program includes:

  • Pre-retreat: 10 Webinars from 7 Experts, Tip Videos from 5 Experts
  • Retreat: 3 Nights Lodging, Meals & Spirits
  • Retreat: 2 days of Workshop & Mastermind
  • Retreat: ½ day professional hike (beginner level, limited intermediate)
  • Post-retreat: 1 Day Mastermind at the KA Inc. Offices in Denver
  • Life-Changing Experience you will NEVER Forget!
  • Your Investment: $3197 (Payment Options Available)

Retreat Dates

Next retreat is in 2020












Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I switch retreat dates once I register?

Yes! Based on availability, you can switch your retreat date up to 30 days before your scheduled retreat.

2. Can I register just for the retreat?

The Results Map Experience is priced and developed as one program to include the DIY webinars, retreat and Mastermind day. This program is strategically planned to learn, see and experience the highest results.  Retreats are not priced separately.

3. Can I make payments?

Yes! A payment plan is available up to 3 payments.

4. What if I want a 2-bedroom suite but am not sure who my suite-mate will be?

No problem! Register that you want a suite-mate and we will hold your suite for you while you find a friend, or assign a suite mate for you, whichever you prefer!

If you didn’t get all of your questions answered, please contact Kimberly Alexander at: [email protected]